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5 Tips for a Clean Car This Summer

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

There’s nothing like summer in the Sunshine State!

Whether you’re cruising up the coast or enjoying time at home, you may notice that the elements like sun, rain, sand and tree seeds are keeping your car from looking its clean, shiny best. Fortunately, your go-to car wash in DeLand FL, Orange City and, soon, New Smyrna Beach can help keep your car look better than ever all summer long, with unlimited washes through our Season Pass that pays for itself. Learn more below.

Park smart

Here in Florida, we know better than any other state the importance of serious shade on hot, sunny summer days. Parking under a shady structure or broad-leafed tree can help keep your car protected from the heat, as well as strong rays that contribute to long-term fading of your car’s paint and interior.

Enjoy unlimited washes for a stress-free summer (and beyond)

Of course, the trouble with shade is that it often comes with tree seeds, leaves and other unwanted materials on your car. Fortunately, you can enjoy both shade and a clean ride with the help of a Sporty’s Season Pass! Starting at just $14.99 per month, our Season Passes offer you the freedom of endless car washes, up to one wash a day, so you never have to sacrifice comfort for cleanliness.

This is perfect for those who want to enjoy summer to the fullest without having to worry about costly car cleanup. Your day at the beach, for example, may expose your car to salty spray and sand in the air—but you can soak in the sunny fun and catch a deep clean on your way home!

Add a long-lasting shine and other services

Did you know that a hot wax can help keep your car protected from the elements like strong sunshine? Keep your car’s paint looking its brilliant best with this and other helpful Sporty’s services.

Be prepared on the road

Keeping a spare towel in your car can help you take care of small messes as they arise, such as spots on your car’s exterior after a run-in with bugs or a brief storm. But don’t rely on just any towel to help preserve your car’s clean, shiny look. With our Sporty’s Towel Exchange Program, you can pick up a special synthetic yarn towel, comprised of 70 percent polyester and 30 percent polyamide, for just $3 and exchange it for a free fresh towel on every trip back. This ultra-absorbent towel does not leave behind fibers and is the safest, cleanest option for your car.

Plan ahead for effortless adventures

In addition to keeping a handy, paint-safe towel on hand, you can also plan ahead by stocking up your trunk, center console or backseat with essentials for summer fun—such as a small trash bag, extra hair ties and clean wipes. By gathering these items in one place, you will be able to explore knowing that you, your family and your car are prepared for whatever the day may bring—plus, you can prevent clutter from accumulating throughout the car, contributing to a long-term mess. (Need some help freshening up your car’s interior? Sporty’s can help with this, too! Ask about effortless Season Pass options that include vacuuming, air freshener and more.

We hope that today’s blog helps you find ways to keep your car looking and riding its best, all summer long! From summer sunshine and stormy afternoons, to crisp fall and winter days, we here at Sporty’s are here to help keep your car clean through it all. Visit us today and sign up for a Season Pass for unlimited washes at an affordable price.

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