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Back to School with Sporty’s

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Back-to-school season is here! Here at Sporty’s, we want to help you and your family start the year off strong!

With a clean, comfortable car that will effortlessly get you from school to sports to extracurriculars and beyond, or the virtual classroom to the coffee shop for a much-needed pick me up. Just read on to learn more.

A fun after-school activity…

Parents of younger kids know the importance of turning everyday activities into entertaining adventures! A trip to your local Sporty’s can double as a functional and fun outing, where your child will enjoy the sights and sounds of the car wash (and perhaps even an appearance by Sporty himself).

… and a solution for busy days

Whether your child is learning in the classroom or from home, you will likely be spending lots of time driving from place to place—running errands for projects, picking up takeout on busy school nights or getting your child to their regular activities. Busy families may not have time to devote to deep-cleaning their car at home, but they can certainly swing by their local Sporty’s for cleaning, a quick vacuum and any other services they may need! (Plus, when you sign up for our cost-effective membership program, you can enjoy unlimited washes for one low monthly price—so your car can stay clean and you can stay on-budget.)

Fundraising for your child’s organization

For many students, back-to-school season also marks a return to volunteering and extracurriculars. If your child is part of a group that has a 501(c)(3), State Tax Exemption or State Resale Certificate, they are eligible to fundraise with our Sporty’s Fundraising Program! This is a convenient way to raise money for meaningful organizations, this back-to-school season and all year long.

Choose a helpful gift for the student in your life

As all parents of high school and college students know, you can never go wrong with the meaningful gesture of a gift card—for everything from food to coffee to gas and, in this case, a Sporty’s car wash! Whether it’s a special occasion, a reward for an academic achievement or simply a just-because gift, this is a practical gesture that will be especially appreciated by new drivers who want to keep their car looking beautiful while still staying on-budget. (Tip: Sporty’s gift cards are also perfect for all of the hard-working teachers in your child’s life!)

Tips for a clean car all school year long

As car care pros, we’ve learned a thing or two about maintaining a clean car interior and exterior—especially for busy families during back-to-school season! Here are a few of our most helpful tips to incorporate into your routine:

- Keep a towel handy for on-the-go cleanup: You never know when an everyday errand can turn messy. Keep a Sporty’s microfiber towel on hand to take care of spills and spots before they turn into stains—through our Towel Exchange Program, you can pick up a towel for just $3 and exchange it for a complimentary clean towel every time you visit!

- Dispose of everyday trash with ease: From fast-food wrappers and stray fries to coffee cups, old assignments and more, we know that your car can accumulate quite a lot of refuse during back-to-school season. Keep a small but sturdy trash bag on hand (it can be as simple as a plastic gallon bag) to collect trash and prevent it from getting lost and forgotten in your vehicle.

We hope that these ideas help fuel a fun, productive school year ahead! With the help of your local Sporty’s, you can enjoy a thorough, convenient clean even on the busiest days.

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