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3 Car Care Tips After Your Family Beach Day

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Aside from a trip to Sporty's Car Wash in New Smyrna Beach, these tips will help you fight a sandy mess after a day at the beach!

It may still be mid-winter, but here in the Sunshine State, we're lucky enough to enjoy beautiful beach weather all year long! Of course, your car may not love the sand and salt spray as much as you do. Here are some helpful tips for keeping your ride looking its best after the beach and all year long.

Bring along a towel stash for a quick, effortless wipe-down

Your best beach day begins long before you hit the sand and surf! As you pack your beach snacks and sunscreen, don't forget to bring plenty of towels - several for drying off, as well as a few laid preemptively on your car seats to reduce sand sneaking in the crannies of your car. You can also bring a gallon of water to leave in your car for the inevitable rinse-off you may need for your shoes, feet and gear.

When packing your towels, don't forget to bring along your specialized Sporty's microfiber towel! Pick one up for just $3 at your local Sporty's, and then return it on your next trip for a fresh, complimentary towel - and repeat as many times as you'd like! No future charge. This handy towel can help wipe away small spots caused by the elements (such as salty beach air), keeping your car looking its best between washes.

Dump your beach bag and accessories

Even if you're careful about rinsing off and getting into your car clean after a beach day, pesky sand may still make its way to your car (and your home) by way of accessories like your beach bag, hat and other gear. Be sure to dump these items out to reduce the chance of a mess later on.

Stop by Sporty's

Of course, nothing beats a post-beach car wash! Whether you went surfing in New Smyrna Beach or driving in the sand on Daytona's gorgeous shores, your car could use some TLC - and Sporty's is here to heed the call, with multiple locations for a car wash in DeLand or Orange City to serve your needs.

Don't let fears of difficult car care or costly washes keep you from enjoying the beach as often as you'd like! With a Sporty's season pass, you can head to the beach every single weekend (or even every day, if you'd like!) and count on a sparkling clean upon your return inland.

We hope that these tips help you enjoy your next beach day (and every one after that) to the fullest! For everyday clean and friendly service you can count on, swing by your local Sporty's.

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